"Whose Line" Inspired Crack M!A List: Anonymous (Time Chosen by Anon) Feel free to add more!

  • What Are You Trying To Say?: Muse is easily offended, taking offense to whatever people say for an Anon specified amount of time. (Often going off on long tangents in the process.)
  • Questions Only: Muse can only speak in questions for a specified amount of time.
  • If You Know What I Mean: Muse must put some sort of euphemism/innuendo into everything they say, if you know what I mean.
  • Change Letter: Anon chooses two letters to switch, and the muse must exchange them whenever they speak.
  • Foreign Film Dub: Muse must speak in a foreign language chosen by the Anon for a specified amount of time.
  • Infomercial: Muse tries to sell a bunch of assorted items (Or one chosen by the Anon) for a set amount of time.
  • Change Emotion: Muse can only display one type of emotion as specified by the Anon--OR can only display a certain emotion when it is triggered. (More than one is acceptable, the trigger is also Anon specified.)
  • Fixed Expression: The muse's face is stuck in a single expression as chosen by the Anon for a set amount of time.
  • Questionable Impressions: Muse must do a different impression of someone they know each time they speak, see if anyone can guess who they're doing. ;) Ends when the set time is up. If guessed, the muse cannot use that specific impression again.
  • Party Quirks: The muse is given a strange quirk as chosen by the Anon, one which they must adhere to for a specified amount of time.
  • Superheroes: Your muse is now a superhero with an Anon chosen super-identity and crisis. The next person on your dash (Or one of mun's choosing) is now deemed one of their superfriends with a title chosen by you/your muse. (Make sure that their mun is okay with going along with this; if so, they can choose to make their muse go along with it or not, as long as you have fun with it!) They too can choose to include another person if they like, but two is just fine-- As well as one if the muse must do it by themselves-- Ends at an Anon specified time or if they fix their crisis.
  • Backwards Press Conference: The muse must hold a press conference about a specific announcement/achievement/subject chosen by the Anon while others ask questions and try to guess what that subject is. M!A ends at the allotted time given, or if someone guesses the subject.

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Look! You’re Egg has hatched!
Bold Skitty
Make sure to raise it with love and care!
(Sorry for the lateness!)

So, this is a pokemon huh? 

He observes the odd pink cat and smiles as it jumps around in pure delight; quite energetic for a newborn Pokemon. Hey, since it’s his, Sissel should give the little guy his name.

Now, what should I call you? 

'Skitty! Skit skit!'

The little cat jumps around, repeating that name as if it was a broken record.

Heh.. What about Skit? Do you like that?


Sissel received a frown from the Pokemon. He laughs.

Alright, I’ll take that as a no.

Skitty started to chase his own tail, similar to a dog.

Hmm… What about Tails?


Alright, Tails it is. Welcome to the family.



You would not believe how easy it is to get to know someone when they walk on your sleeping form in the early hours of the morning.  Don’t get me started on him doing the crossword over my shoulder.


Not bad not bad.  How about you cat-man?  Keeping out of trouble?

C’mon, can ya blame a cat for not needin’ to sleep? Besides, i didn’t even know you were awake.



Everything’s fine. And I’m keeping out of trouble, most of the time anyway. Less things are chewed on, that’s for sure.